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PGRS Newsletter December 2008 - DRAFT

December 2008 Newsletter

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Our November business meeting was also a great organizing session for moving forward on the Children's Hospital project.  Alycefaye Stewart related preliminary correspondence with the folks at Children's and outlined a few different layout themes.  One might be similar to Phipps' southwest desert; two might be construction oriented; but the animal theme (zoo/safari/dinosaur) seemed to be most popular.  Circus scenes were discussed along with animations which everyone seems to like.  How about an operating model of one of the famous inclines in our fair city?

Four committees were established and everyone present signed up for one; 1) Trains and rolling stock;  2) Buildings and fixtures;  3) Animations sound and light;  4) Backdrop and scenery.  Contact Dave or Alycefaye for the master list or to join a committee.  Any and all comments, ideas and suggestions are welcomed as we begin to refine our signature Children's Hospital Layout into something that will bring many happy hours to deserving children as well as adults.  The original children's project has accomplished this noble goal for over a wonderful decade now; let's make the next decade even better!

Click here for: Children's Hospital Layout Notes


By now, most of you have received (and hopefully watched) a great sound enhanced slide presentation via e-mail from our wizard.  It documents the construction of a fine holiday train and trolley that will grace the large display window of The DeBence Antique Music Museum in Franklin, PA.  Bill Fallecker spearheaded the set-up plan and conceived the original idea.  Contact him for details or swing by on a drive.  Great inspiration for bringing back that yuletide magic of trains and Christmas!

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Brentwood Station set up a train display for Brentwood light up night. It was held on Fri. Nov. 21. Despite the cold, a good time was had. The display will be up for at least two weeks. It is in the vacant building between Italian Oven and Imperial Chinese food on Brownsville Rd. in front of Towne Center. If anyone would like to see it, Call 412-885-1705 for times.         
Jan & John Vogt


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