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Last December found a few of us members running our own set-ups on a tidy stage in Evans City, PA, displaying for member Estol Harp's winter train show.  It was quite a nice show with new people to meet and greet and lots of fun train and toy stuff!  If you might be interested in running or setting something up, please contact Bill Malick or myself to participate.  The show will run one day only, Sunday, December 7 from 10:00am- 4:00pm.  (set-up will be from 7:00am-10:00am).  More information at www.eracers.net



In what has become an annual ritual, Canonsburg Christmas Train Display is nearing completion. Joe Jack, a good friend and 'co-conspirator' of president Al Hartman from back in the PRR/Conrail days is the organizer.  This is a public display that any and all of our membership has been invited to. 

Mark Mamros, one of the original two founding PGRS members who recently rejoined our fine club and also pitched in to the Canonsburg effort stated," We have plenty of room this year and have space for the PGRS to set up and operate a G-scale display.  We were open every weekend in December last year and had a lot of fun. It will be in the old Bahr Hardware Store location and is free to the public." 

THIS IS NOT ANY TYPE OF A MANDATORY COMMITMENT!   Al has assured us that Joe Jack is quite capable of operations and with the display being as established as it is, somebody is always around there enjoying their trains while sharing and inviting the public.  If any member wants to set up even a small loop of track or stop by intermittently to join the fun, please don't be shy.  Let's show those who've forgotten the magic or have yet to discover it what the glory of Christmas and trains is about!!!!