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December 2008 Newsletter

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Our business meeting of November 08, 2008 was quite productive.  The turnout was very good with over 2 dozen members in attendance.  It was good to welcome Bill Baldwin back after a bout of illness along with wife Jean as well as new members Don & Deb Goodwin of Scenery Hill, PA.  We hope to see more you all in the future.

Our officers slate was filled out and finalized in a very satisfactory manner.  An issue was brought up regarding John Vogt's nomination of Lee Brandes for vice president.  A number of members questioned Lee's running for office as he was nominated and awarded an honorary membership last year.  Keith Baggus, who was acting president at the time the honorary membership was granted spoke out to the issue.  "In most clubs, only dues paying members are allowed to run for office.  The idea is that any and all members are just as important and have just as much say as the next; that is what your dues payment guarantees.  With Lee living many states away at the time, club attendance and involvement was impractical and the honorary membership was granted to put him on the mailing list and keep him informed of club activities and events--no more, no less."  Others questioned why Mark Mamros was not voted an honorary membership as well.  He was just as important to the club's existence as Lee in being a co-founder.  As it turns out, Mark and his family had made a decision earlier this year to rejoin with a full club family membership that enjoys all the rights of any dues paying member.  

All of this has brought about discussion among the officers that we may need to expand upon our one and only club rule which is to HAVE FUN!!  The fact that the club still exists today under this simple, single rule is a testament to our founders' wisdom and vision.  The success of any club is going to be in direct proportion to how enjoyable it is to the membership; how easy is it to become involved?  How much does it reflect and satisfy the individual members reasons for joining the club in the first place?  That is why we always ask for input and involvement.  We want to see this a club built up to all that it can be for each and every member who joins it!!

We've discussed establishing a set of by-laws, but we all know that we didn't join a club to be bound by rules and limitations.  Whatever is decided will be put forward to each and every member and a democratic majority will prevail as we've done in the past.  If any rule beyond the 'Have Fun' rule is to become reality, we envision it being the simplest common sense form of guidance that will remedy any concern or dispute that any member may have.  Any additional rule would come about on a case by case basis; ergo, if no new issues crop up, no new 'rules' will be needed.  In that case, default back to rule #1....HAVE FUN!!!