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by Larry Marcinko

The final show at Monroeville ExpoMart went off very well, BUT IT WILL NOT BE THE END OF TRAIN SHOWS IN MONROEVILLE!  The February 2009 show set for 02/07-08/2009 is expected to be a one time location at Laurel Highlands Event Center, Westmoreland Crossing Mall Annex in Greensburg, PA.  Shows are then expected to get back to regular schedule in Monroeville after that.  The new show location will be the former Wickes Furniture building, a stand alone building directly in front of the Radison next to the ExpoMart.  This is still preliminary, so watch for confirmation in the months ahead. 

Our club must make a decision whether or not to display at the February show in Greensburg by the time of our next meeting, November 08, 2008, at Robinson Twsp. Eat 'n Park.  As long as we have enough volunteers, we will do the show.  Please let me, your secretary, know on or before that date if you will do the show.

Set-up for the October show went fairly well with Celeste and D.J. Palcsey attending their first set-up since joining; hope to see more of you two in the future.  Miller Adams also joined our "reliable regulars" Ann Celento, Dave Bodnar, Al Hartman, Paul & Alycefaye Stewart, Bill & Jill Fallecker, Gene & Caryll Linck and Sondra & John Wiggins.  There can NEVER be too many helpers attending a set-up or tear down.  Just dive in and make yourself part of the program! 

We had a fairly easy time since many were involved with the Oktoberfest set and had a good bearing on being able to guide some less familiar folks.  Never be afraid to add or place something you think might look good.  There is no right or wrong way to set a display, only a matter of subjective preference.  The whole idea is for every member to be able to look out there and think "Oh, there is the building, auto, tree, track or whatever that I placed!  That looks kind of nice!"  Use your own creativity and not some inflexible set plan; have fun!

Additional members attending over the weekend were Ed Celento, Don & Justin Rowley, Darwin Sharon & Ryan Honsaker, Connie Lou Honsaker, John & Mary Beth Fye, Larry Stecki, Bill Malick Keith Baggus, Barrie Baker Lois Bodnar, Jim Hrabik, Jack Pyle, Al Calfo, Les Dodds, Estol Harp, Larry & Janet Marcinko.  Some of the girls had a great time at the women's health fair going on next door where they received free admission and garnered many free deals, samples and information. 

Dave Bodnar had the drag strip set up along the front of the display.  Much thanks to Justin & Don Rowley, D.J. Palcsey and others who manned and demonstrated the strip.  We had quite a number of interested show attendees who showed an interest and operated the strip.  Another accomplished mission of getting people involved and enjoying Garden Railroads!  See you at the next meeting or show.