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August 15, 2015 minutes…….
Club Picnic @ Miller and Bonnie Adams’ home.
Twenty-eight members were in attendance.
Bill Fallecker won the 50 /50 and donated his winnings back to the trailer fund. Thank you Bill.
Thank you to Bonnie and Miller for hosting this picnic. They stated that the cost of the food and beverages they bought should go to the trailer fund. Thank you again.
Keith Baggus gave a report on the bus trip to Canton…everyone had a great time.
Keith has put together another trip, a one day to the Sugarcreek area of Ohio on Oct. 3, 2015. See his flyer for details. Limited seating so sign up quickly and be sure of a great trip. $120 per person.

Our next meet will be at Frank and Jackie Magri’s ( Fmagri1@Yahoo.com ). Jackie is having an Italian food theme. Like she would have anything else! It will be on Saturday, September 26, at their home. More details will follow. Let them know if you will attend.

The Castle Shannon Show will be on Nov 1, 2015. We will be setting up on Oct.31 (Halloween). Help is always needed. Let Keith know if you can help. We will be raffling a train set at the show.

Tina Weimer stated we are half way to getting the amount we need to purchase the new trailer. We had 17 members by the end of the picnic who responded to the letter requesting help in raising funds. She is looking forward to receiving more in the future.
Three box cars are potentially rented. We are waiting for the art work and money. This will go towards the trailer, also.

The museum in Brownsville gave us a Steeler basket to add to our train raffle. We made 4 ½ times the cost of the train set at the Brownsville show last weekend. Don and Debra Goodwin donated the train set as well as the gas money used to bring the trailer to the show. All money went into the trailer fund.

Vest information:  we have 14 items to get embroidered and we need 25 to get the best price. Consider bringing them to the meeting at Magri’s. To look up the vest we are ordering online, go to Cabela.com and put in the FIND area “Snake River Fleece Vest."  Select whatever color you wish to purchase…some are $19.00. Once you have purchased yours, bring it to a meeting. The embroidery will cost you $7.25 per item. Any item that you would like embroidered with the club logo can be done for this price (your shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, etc.). Your name and PGRS on a slip of paper should be pinned to the garments.

The “Go Fund Me” sight is up and running. You can download posters and stickers.
Jackie Magri is still getting the information on the November Greenberg Show. Keep your eyes open for upcoming information on this.

Submitted by Alycefaye Stewart 8-15-2015