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Chasing Trains - Big and Little

The current issue of Trains magazine has photos showing "Big Boy" being placed inside the Cheyenne shops as a prelude to  rebuilding
for future service.
The Norfolk Southern steam trains website indicates a schedule for Nickel Plate 765 running in various states to July 3, 2014not including our area. A later schedule will be published in July which, hopefully, will include the Pittsburgh area. We'll try to keep you posted
What follows comes from two rather unusual sources for a PGRS Newsletter:
_ The June 3rd issue of the International city/county assn. Newsletter
_ The July- August issue of Yankee Magazine
Both of these publications devote considerable space to the issue of wrecks of trains carrying crude oil or fracking bi products
The ICMA article indicates that a task force has been formed of railroad officials, energy suppliers, and local police-fire officials. This group in  the St Paul area will train personnel in how to react to oil spills from derailments  The carriers will fund this project.

The Yankee article is titled "our town is gone" an is a report of the wreck of a run-away oil train In Lac- megantic Quebec near the Maine border. The train was owned by the Montreal, Maine, and Atlantic. The derailment  and fire killed 47,destroyed most of the town and forced the railroad into bankruptcy.

The transport of oil and petroleum products is a hazard we all need to prepare for...